Monday, June 28, 2010

Lineage of Grace: Unveiled

Book club is back in session for the summer. We are reading the Lineage of Grace Series by Francine Rivers. We discussed the first book two weeks ago, Unveiled, the story of Tamar. We are meeting tonight to discuss the second book in the series, so I thought I would write up this one first! ha ha.
This is the copy of the book most of us are reading...a five in one paperback. These books are all short, less than 100 pages each. The books follow five women who were in the lineage of Jesus. It begins with Tamar, and ends with Mary.

In Unveiled, the story is about Tamar. I was not very familiar with the story of Tamar until I read this novella. Tamar is chosen by Judah to marry is oldest son, Er. He is abusive and God strikes him dead, then Tamar (by tradition) is given to the second son, Onan. He is mean and spiteful and hates his older brother and refuses to give him an heir by Tamar, so God also strikes him dead. Judah doesn't want his last son to die as well, so he sends Tamar back home until the last son is "old enough" to wed, which is a total lie. Tamar is disgraced. She goes back home to the embarrassment of her family and many years later goes to extreme measures to ensure her rightful place in the house of Judah.

I love the way Francine Rivers tells a Bible story! She has such a way describing a woman's feelings. I know that she does extensive research into history and traditions/practices, so the things that she "adds" to the story are very likely to have happened according to that research. This was a heartbreaking story, but one with a great ending. Tamar is a great example of endurance and dedication, even when she, in her own self, probably didn't fully understand the importance of maintaining and continuing the house of Judah.

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